Certificate of the King's Commendation

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Certificate of the King's Commendation


6th November, 1946


I have pleasure in transmitting to you herewith a certificate of the King's Commendation for Brave Conduct in recognition of the services rendered by you to the Allied Cause during the war.

I am requested by His Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs ro express to you, on behalf His Majesty's Government, their high appreciation of your conduct, to which I would wish to add my own sincere congratulations.

I am, Madam,

Your obedient Servant,

Duff Cooper

Madame Sigismonde Fourrage

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Victoria Williams 04/11/2007 01:44

Aussi,J'adore votre nouveau site!

Victoria Williams 04/11/2007 01:43

I'm not understanding the letter.  Who is it addressed to?Bisous.

François-Xavier DAVID 04/11/2007 16:22

Lettre reçue par ma grand mère à son retour des camps de concentration.